Saying what we think and feel (in the way that we like to say it) is called our own “communication style”.

Sometimes it takes time to develop it, but it’s a very important tool for all of us – at school, in life at home, with our community and when we grow up, in our dream jobs.

SquagWriter gives you an opportunity to express yourself  in all kinds of different ways.

For a lot of kids, writing just a few words can speak volumes!

We have a place where you can put your worries so you don’t have to carry them around all day, a  mood meter where you can check in with how they’re feeling,and  a goal book to set goals and more!

Who knows? Maybe you will be a famous author or blogger one day. Or maybe you will just be confident to express yourself every day, with everyone you meet, everywhere you go.

That would be pretty awesome.