Finding people who “get us” is important for all of us. But not all environments make it easy to find them.

How do we find friends who like the same things we do? Or feel the same way about stuff?

We CELEBRATE diving deep into interests around here. So no matter what you’re interested in, there are DEFINITELY other kids out there who have the same curiosities you do.

SquagSocial allows your to explore photo/video content safely and find other Squaggers who share your interests in cool categories like art, science, travel, food, nature, and more!

You can create your own stuff too, in a safe, respectful community.

The idea of the Squagpad is to connect first with yourself, say what you think about stuff, share it with the people who love you (your parents!) and then ultimately with other kids who have the same interests you do.

It’s really that simple. Take your time, test things out, and make it meaningful.

Happy squagging!