Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a cool, quiet, place online that had all your favourite things in one place?

Awesome videos, beautiful photographs, and your own original ideas?

Our SquagpadsTM were designed to be just that place for you – your own sanctuary where you can be yourself, say what you think (and feel!) and dive deep into your interests.

We created SquagTM because SO many kids (just like you) work hard all day to manage people, school, noises, smells, big emotions and lots of change. We know this can be very tiring and overwhelming.

The SquagpadTM is a place where you can:

  • Chill out after a long day at school
  • Explore cool videos, photos and art
  • Jot down big ideas (or little ones!)
  • Wish, wonder and dream
  • See yourself (and be yourself!)
  • Find other kids who love the same stuff you do

Who knows? Maybe you will become a famous author or blogger one day! (SquagWriter). Or become an expert in one of our cool categories like nature, science, food, or sports!

You could find other kids from all over the world, who like the same things you do! (SquagSocial)

If you’d like to try SquagTM, please ask your parents to check out our parents page so they can learn more about it. That’s the first step, and an important one.

It will only take a minute and it’s our way of making sure you have the freedom to explore what you love and be who you are is a safe and respectful community.