Squag {skwag} is the internal voice inside every child with a neurodevelopmental or mental health conditions; children who may be underestimated or misunderstood by the people around them. The goal of our platform to to encourage kids to develop their “squag” by exploring themselves through art, photography, video and journaling, and to build connections to everything (and everyone!) that they love.

Parent learn new things about their kids and kids learn new things about themselves through a visual communication platform that promotes respect and understanding.



Parents sign up and add as many of their kids and they want through their own account. They set up their kid'(s) SquagpadTM(s) with positive messages of encouragement, wishes for them, and photos and videos they think their kids will love.

When the child arrives in their SquagpadTM they are surrounded by all of their favourite things. Kids can see themselves in the mirror, make a wish, browse photos and videos curated by our staff, and express themselves through writing (SquagWriter).

Every time they make a choice in their SquagpadTM it’s encoded visually for them in their scrapbook. This helps kids reflect on what they think and feel in a way that may be difficult to express in an auditory world.



We built SquagTM because we know that many kids spend their days coping in environments that are not set up for how they communicate.

We also know that they are being underestimated as a result.

The SquagpadTM gives kids an opportunity to create ideas about themselves and build their sense of self in a fun, creative, VISUAL way.

The more your child uses the SquagpadTM, the more they (and you!) will discover:

  • Their interests, passions and perspective
  • Their abilities and skills
  • Their feelings about life, friends, school, family
  • Their feelings about themselves
  • Their worries and anxieties
  • Their personal communication style
  • Like-minded peers who think they’re pretty awesome and love the same things they do
  • Their growth and change over time
  • A new way to communicate



The Squagpad is a completely private, visual conversation between you and your child. All content is curated by our staff, so there is no advertising, inappropriate content, or outside noise.

When your child goes out the door of their SquagpadTM, they can explore content posted by other SquaggersTM. They’re also encouraged to create their own feed – an opportunity to engage other kids who might like the same things they do (SquagSocial).

Each time a child posts content, it has to be reviewed and approved by their parents before it gets sent to our staff, who reviews it and has to approve it before it is published in the SquagSocial space.

This is our way of making sure SquagSocial is a safe and respectful community. We also adhere to strict COPPA standards (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). See details about our privacy policy and PRIVO certification here.



So … kids tool around in their SquagpadTM, building their visual “squag” (inner dialogue) as they go.

Every week, parents get an email reminding them to check into their dashboard to see delicious data (Squagalytics). What did their kids think and feel? How is it changing over time?

The purpose of this data is for parents and kids to use it to spark a new conversation between them.

Parents learn new things about their kids and kids learn new things about themselves, nurturing respect and understanding.

This serves as the anchor for confidence they can take with them wherever they go.

If you have any questions for us, please email us anytime at info@squag.com