Easterseals Inclusive + Accessible Programming For Kids

Easterseals does tremendous work with kids, seniors and veterans, across the United States and in Canada. But what impressed us specifically was their attitude towards kids in the neurodiversity community.

When we met with their clinics in California, we could see that the staff their was dedicated to understanding each child’s perspective, and including it in order to support them in their daily lives, their learning environment and in their play.

The focus on living a full vibrant, meaningful life, and respecting kids enough to make sure they have what they need to be understood, is what made us want to give back to their organization, and their programming.

Easterseals  is here in Canada too, and we love what their President and CEO, Dave Starrett had to say about why inclusion and accessiblity is so important – not just to people with disabilities but to all of us:

“Building an inclusive and accessible Canada—creating real social change—is going to take a huge collaborative effort and a significant shift in the way we approach the physical, social and attitudinal barriers that currently exist for people living with disability in this country, Canada is known for its diversity and it’s that diversity that makes us who we are as a country, When we include people with disabilities—and support them with what they need to thrive, contribute and be successful—it only makes for a better, stronger Canada for everyone.”