Totem Eye  Noah Erenberg

Totem Eye by Noah Erenberg

 “Noah Erenberg is actively building a vocabulary to express the world around him in his own terms.  Built up with curious, startling and subtle color combinations and a range of gestural marks, Erenberg re-creates the sights and sounds of Isla Vista, California with an affecting freedom from convention.” 

 ~ Michael Darling, Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


I have been an artist since 1990. I paint and draw because it makes me feel wonderful. I like to work outside and look around my neighborhood at the trees, the ocean and the surfers.

I have a studio in my house and my artist friends come over and inspire me to make art. They make me happy that I am an artist. With every good painting and drawing I make, I become a better artist.

My favorite colors are red, blue and pink. I like to paint abstract paintings because I like bright colors and crazy shapes.  Abstract painting reminds me of hip hop music.  The abstract shapes come out of my head.  Abstract means “from my head”.  I like to make text drawings. I copy words from magazines, CDs, posters and newspapers.  I use ball point pens,  felt tip pens and colored pencils to make my drawings.


A gallery Noah’s work can be found here as well as his contact information and upcoming exhibitions. We’re honored to be featuring Noah’s art in our Squagpads.