How awesome would it be if every store, movie theatre and restaurant in your neighbourhood let you know – without a doubt, that you and your kids were welcome? That the store, movie theatre, or restaurant was interested in understanding how to make their environment more welcoming for neurodiverse families?

We’re starting a movement in our hometown that allows businesses to show us they are OpenForBusiness – open to hearing from their customers how they can make small changes that will make all the difference in the world for their customers. We’re not providing them with a list of ways to make their restaurant more “autism friendly” or their shoe store more “manageable for kids with an anxiety disorder”. There are lots of great organizations out there doing that.

Our goal is to start where businesses are, and get them to show us, through visual communication, that they are open to it. We’ve made it simple, and easy, so businesses can open first, and then get to the good stuff:

What being #OpenForBusinessTO asks:

1) Put the #OpenForBusinessTO sign up in your window.

2) Be proud that you are Open For Business – take a picture of you and your sign, or just the sign where you’ve placed it, and post to your social media using our hashtag, #OpenForBusinessTO

3) Accept our promotion and accolades, and new happy and appreciative customers that can find your business through the hashtag, and ask for what they need.

4) Share! Encourage others to follow your lead in any way you feel comfortable!

We’re all just people after all. We all need support. And we’re all customers.

It’s a no brainer. Or in this case, it’s an every brainer. 

*To participate as a business, or to start an OpenForBusiness movement in your home town, please email sara@squag.com . We will get you all the materials you need to participate.