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Where Does The Word “Squag” Come From And What Does It Mean Now?

Our family created Squag based on our experiences of raising one spectacular kid on the autism spectrum. Squag was one of his first words – his word for “square” back in the days when he was doing 30-40 hours of therapy a week.

So much has happened since then.

He is older now, and we’ve added some other neurodiverse kids to our brood, and what is most important to us is how they feel about themselves, and that they are respected and understood.

It doesn’t help that in many environments, thinking and communicating differently isn’t necessarily met with open arms. But the stronger the inner voice, and the more opportunities we can create to build that voice, the better equipped our kids will be to advocate for themselves and find like-minded people who share their interests and passions.

With a generation of kids growing up like this, the rest of the world will not be able to underestimate them as they have in the past.

And so, the meaning of the word “squag” has changed for us.

For the new version of our platform, and in general ,“the squag” has come to mean the self-talk of each and every one of our users.

We will spotlight it for them, help them develop it in a positive way, and help them to grow it so they can take on the world.