Holey, Wholly, Holy

Are there two of me
Inner prismatic light
Gentle wind-chiming music
Wafting inside
Real to me
Yet the Others
Perceive otherness
In me from me
Making me what
Who I am
A robot, an Alien,
A calculating computer
Brilliant brain without
Singing I smile
Moving quick bouncing
Inside graceful dancing
The Others see me
Lost I am
Can I meld outside
And inside?
Should I?
Maybe my colors and
Music are mine for
A Reason
Redeeming Grace


CarolAnn Edscorn, MS, was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 1995. She writes poetry, short stories, and essays which feature recent research intertwined with personal anecdotes, and music. She teaches Illuminating Autism to educators and paraprofessionals at the college level as well as presenting at both regional and national conferences. She often uses her theater background to help describe and explain autism. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband of 30 years and is raising five children, two on the autism spectrum.