Relaxation For Kids

Andrew Johnson, has a background in clinical hypnotherapy, stress management techniques and meditation. He’s worked with thousands of people to teach them relaxation and coping techniques. Now he’s released a children’s series that has us really excited. My son absolutely loves it. It was such an amazing experience to go through the series with him (I needed it too!) But the most exciting part was when he got up the next morning, he ASKED to do the breathing exercise on his iPod on the way to school! We were thrilled to interview Andrew about his work:

Please tell us about your background and why you decided to create this relaxation series for kids.

My background in in Clinical Hypnotherapy; I have also trained in stress management techniques, meditation skills etc.
I have been working with individual clients and groups since 1996 and have taught thousands of people relaxation and coping skills. The recordings  have been hugely successful (4 million downloads to date) but have always been for ages 16+
I have been asked many times to include a children’s relaxation.

Relaxation for Children was released on an MP3 and CD last year.

Please describe the 4 part series in detail.

There are four  10-12 minute relaxation tracks, each teaching a different form of relaxation. Muscle Relaxation is a  gentle progressive relaxation technique. Breathing Relaxation uses deeper and slower breathing to relax the body and mind. Staircase Relaxation is a simple visualisation to guide the child into relaxation. Body Scan is the most mindful of the series. The child quickly finds a favourite (or favourites). The words are important, but not nearly as important as the intention behind the words.

 Why do you think it’s so important to empower kids with this kind of mind/body awareness?

As soon as a child feels the relaxation beginning, he/she gets the idea very quickly.  With daily listening (once a day for three weeks), the techniques can become habitual, leading to life-long abilities to relax whenever and wherever it is needed. These skills can be life changing.

What opportunities are we missing out on as parents if we don’t help our kids understand how to do this for themselves?

Stress and anxiety (if left unchecked) can lead to huge problems emotionally, physically and energetically. Although the techniques taught are preventive in nature, there is no doubt that being able to relax at will is a skill that less than 5% of the population are capable of.

What has the response been from parents and kids?

Wonderful and great feedback! Your experience with your son is very common. Once the child gets a “convincer” i.e. he/she feels the benefits of listening, they take over control of listening and they start to really absorb the techniques and the long term benefits.

More info about Relaxation for Children:
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