Be The Real You

Stop comparing yourself to others and be the real you.

I am unique. I am 20 years old. I enjoy texting my friends, browsing the web, being on Facebook, hanging out with my family and friends, and going shopping. These are things that most young people my age enjoy doing. But I enjoy doing some things that most people my age do not like. I not only like all things Disney, I LOVE all things Disney.

I am not typical, and I am OKAY with that. I love who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I may watch shows that most people my age would  not watch, I may do puzzles with a fewer amount of pieces than people my age would complete, but that’s okay.

My biggest tip: Don’t compare yourself to others, no matter how tempting it is sometimes, it just is not worth it, you are who you are, and you should not change who you are just because society doesn’t see the things that you enjoy to be “appropriate” for your age.

Like what you like, and be who you are because you want to; be the real you.

A friend the other night reminded me of this important tip. And then she proceeded to tell me about how I am doing many things that she was not doing at 20 years old, such as writing, and advocating. I realized, she was right. I am doing some pretty amazing things. I am educating others about Autism, I am trying to fill the gap that is ignorance. Thank-you to my friend for making me see the all-so-important big picture.

Chloe Rothschild. is a 20 year-old, self-advocate who is passionate about educating others about autism. She is a young leader for the Autistic Global Initiative, a program through the Autism Research Institute. She writes about sensory issues and differences, communication difficulties, meltdowns and debunking autism myths. In her free time she enjoys drawing and painting monsters, both on paper, and on the computer.