Communication And Friendship

Something you should know before you read this post:

I communicate better through typing.

Imagine living life, knowing that some people may never know how much you really know, or how smart you really are, because when they talk to you, all you usually say is ‘I don’t know’. But –  if you talk to that person on Facebook, Instant Message, e-mail, or texting then you have so much more to say!

There are some people in this world that I may never have the chance to type with on Facebook, e-mail or text. And then those people may not get to have those in depth conversations with me and see how much I really do know, and they may not get a chance to see that I really can be a very good friend.

I may have Autism, but I consider this so much a part of me – just as important as all of the other characteristics that make me who I am.

I am creative, smart, kind, caring, loving, helpful, and so much more. Having autism may make things a little difficult for me sometimes, but it is a big part of who I am.

Chloe Rothschild. is a 20 year-old, self-advocate who is passionate about educating others about autism. She is a young leader for the Autistic Global Initiative, a program through the Autism Research Institute. She writes about sensory issues and differences, communication difficulties, meltdowns and debunking autism myths. In her free time she enjoys drawing and painting monsters, both on paper, and on the computer.