RedHeart by Dyl

Introducing Dylan

13 year-old Dylan is our featured Squagger Of The Month. He likes pizza (with no sauce) and America’s Funniest Home videos. He enjoys helping people. learning about marine biology and hanging out with his two Labrodoodles, Bella and Baxter.

We interviewed him about his art and his autism:

How you use art to express yourself?

It depends on my mood what I paint. I listen to Mozart and I get focused.

We created Squag so kids could connect to their interests and ultimately ‘find their thing’. Describe how finding your talent for art makes you feel:

Art makes me feel happy, creative and not bullied.  When I paint I feel relaxed, my body just relaxes.

What do you like about Squag?

I love the lava lamp.  I like to pick paintings that other people made. I can pick a different color for my room every day.

What do you think is important for people to know about autism?

Everyone is different.


For more of Dylan’s awesome art, please check out his fantastic blog!