Antiquated Mime

Like an antiquated mime,
I silently make my way
Through crowded streets
Gently but firmly pushing

Racing against time
To find my way to the end
Of this crazed chaotic maze
Anywhere that feels
Far far away from here

Where I can slip away
Where I can disappear
From the sounds and lights
Of the whirling city life.

Racing up those steps
To my place
A quiet space
Where the clock stops.

And I can write.


This was inspired by Charlie Chaplin & written while listening to Johann S. Bach’s
“Repeteteur Bourree”.


Gretchen Leary is a published author residing in the Boston area. Gretchen has Aspergers and her biggest dream in life is to be an advocate for acceptance for the Autism community. Through her writing she is determined to give those who are not on the Spectrum a glimpse into her world that breaks stereotypes. But most importantly she is committed to helping those who are on the Spectrum realize they are not alone.