Doctor Mad Science

Introducing 10 year-old Jordan (aka DoctorMadScience). We’re thrilled to welcome Jordan as a regular contributor, bringing his perspective to our blog and his fab science experiments to our Squagpads:

Hi my name is Jordan. I am 10 year old. I am almost in grade 5. In my family I have my mom, dad, sister, and my cat Winston. My best friend’s name is Tracy. She use to be my babysitter since I was 3, and now helps me with DoctorMadScience.

I have a lot of hobbies. Below are some of my favourite hobbies.

I love going fishing with my dad. I even go on an annual trip to Cape Cod every year where I catch lots of fish.

I also enjoy golfing. But not just mini-putt. I play 9 holes courses all the time. I also like hitting balls at the driving range. I have my own set of golf clubs, and hundreds of golf balls. Every summer I go to golf camp, and for the 10th birthday had all my closest friends and family out to play a game of golf. My favourite golf club is Westview Golf and Country Club.

I am a goalie. I played in a 3-on-3 hockey league on weekends. I also play street hockey sometimes.

I love trampoline. I have been going to trampoline since I was 6 years old, and enjoy flipping, jumping, and  twisting.

See Jordan’s videos in our Squagpads and stay tuned to our blog for lots of cool science experiments!