Gretchen Leary – Poet

Gretchen is a 26 year-old poet from the Boston area. She is the author of two poetry books, Monochrome and Welcome To My Yesterday and is working on a children’s book about the sensory issue that often come along with having ASD. Gretchen’s writing is often created out of music and she uses her blog to show the world her incredible talent. She told us that being able to write on social media is “the voice [she] feel[s] is lost in [her] actual face to face social activities:


Ivory at Midnight – A Poem

Tempted by the soft glow

of smooth ivory keys

I slowly approach the

Piano that lies in wait for me.

As I begin, I breathe in

Slowly allowing my fingers to linger

Then firmly hold them down

Provoking their intensity

And unveiling their glorious sound

Evoking a symphony of raw emotion,

And an untold story unfolds,

Of victory, tragedy, and pure devotion-

Each note now swirling-

Surrounding me

As my trembling hands

Unravel the melody of my being.


Gretchen Leary is 26 years old and lives in the Boston area. She writes about her life experiences with Asperger’s on her blog.