Accommodation works with the third principle of yoga: Inner Spiral. Inner Spiral creates space in our bodies and in our lives.  New space gives us the chance to fill ourselves with things that empower us and make us happy.

This can be challenging for some of us – the idea of staying open, breathing, and allowing ourselves to literally go with the flow does not always come naturally and requires practice.

Try this:

Start with a gentle warm up of moving and breathing:

On your hands and knees:

Inhale deeply and look up; exhale and round your back.

Repeat this 5 times.

Lay down on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, hip distance apart. With your arms at your side, bend your elbows, push your elbows into the earth and lift your heart. You should have more of a curve in your lower back and your butt will stick out. This is the action of inner spiral. Feel how your lower back has space. Now tuck or scoop your tailbone and lift your hips. Walk your shoulder blades into the middle of your back, straighten your arms and interlace your hands under your back. This is called bridge pose. It will keep your back healthy while opening your heart.



Shirlee Williams is a mom of twin teenage boys with diverse needs, and the creator of Buddha Rider Cycle and Spin Studio. She is a certified teacher of yoga for children with special needs.